Connecting our Community

Our Partners

With our partners we are able to meet the needs of people impacted by Covid19.

Community Resources

Being able to coordinate and conduct community related events safely and effectually is vital to our success.  We have teamed up with Umanity to help bridge this gap.

Access to Resources

We will help the most vulnerable patients who are suffering, isolated and don’t have the resources they need to quarantine safely and recover.  Keep up with latest updates.

  • Either download the app (available for both iOS/Android) or navigate to
  • Sign-up / Login then click the “Resources” Icon (a hand holding a dollar-sign)
  • Select “Register New Resource” and follow the prompts, once you hit “Submit”, your resource is now available on Umanity!
  • Navigate back to your Resource Dashboard by clicking the “Resources” Icon
  • Next, find the resource you’d like to share and select “Details” –> “View Resource Profile”
  • Click “Share” –> “Organization” –> “Bread of Life”

Note: You must subscribe to Bread of Life in order to share resources with them; you can subscribe to any organization from their public profile!

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